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In the world of British crowns this ranks up there as an ultra rarity. This is the 1935 Decus Anno error proof crown upon which the collar was struck incorrectly. Instead of reading DECUS ET TUTAMEN it now reads DECUS ANNO. These crowns have been coveted by collectors since their discovery and fervour for them doesn’t seem to have waned with an example recently selling for £12,000 by private treaty.

This is graded as PF62 Cameo by NGC. It is believed that less than 20 were minted. One may see more on the NGC census however this is due to the practice of people breaking out coins they think ought to grade higher and submitting raw.

This has superb cameo as can be seen from the photographs with crisp contrast between the fields and devices.

This belongs in and crown collection as it would be a superb example for anyone to have.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

1935 DECUS ANNO Error Crown PF62CAM NGC